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How consumer analytics is changing business models

Customer analytics is changing business models for the better, learn how here.

Consumer analytics is changing and improving business models, which are essentially the design of business operations covering different areas, like financing methods, customer interaction and product/service development. It attempts to answer questions like “What are we providing?” and “How do we do it properly?”. With the granular insights from consumer analytics, there is a lot […]

How to become more customer-centric with customer analytics

Almost 72% of millennial customers spend money on experiences and not entirely on the product. Learn how to capture them all through customer analytics.

Customer analytics is the key to transforming from product-centric marketing and customer-centric marketing. Customers are no longer making purchasing decisions based on a product, they are making them based on their purchasing experience. Research shows that 72% of millennial customers do not spend money on products, they spend money on experiences. Hence, it is important […]