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What’s the connection between AI and advanced analytics?

advanced analytics

Advanced analytics models have been driving critical decisions in organisations since the dawn of the century.  With 2020 bringing significant changes to market conditions and companies having to navigate trade and supply chain disruptions, sudden fluctuations in demand, and new risks, the role of analytics in business decision making is more critical than ever in […]

How advanced analytics is redefining banking

How advanced analytics is redefining banking

Banks are, in our opinion, the most critical institution in any economy, and many economists agree with this notion. Without trusted banking institutions, an economy can’t achieve or sustain its economic growth. The banking industry has gone through significant transformations throughout history, especially since the 20th century. From the introduction of cheques in the early […]

Key uses of advanced analytics platforms

advanced analytics platforms

While we have talked about advanced analytics platforms in the past, we have yet to discuss their application in data analytics operations. As mentioned before, advanced analytics can do far more than the standard analytics software because of technology like AI. This sets the groundwork for more advanced analytical methods like machine learning, sentiment analysis, […]

Using advanced analytics and AI to improve public service

Struggling with accuracy issues on your data insights? Advanced analytics and AI is your answer for accuracy shortcomings - learn how here.

AI and advanced analytics can improve public services. At the moment, public service has problems, like long queues and delays in service provision that could stand to be a bit more efficient. However, despite the inefficiencies, there is also a wealth of opportunity, thanks to data analytics. Most government and non-profit organisations have access to […]