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Using advanced analytics and AI to improve public service

Struggling with accuracy issues on your data insights? Advanced analytics and AI is your answer for accuracy shortcomings - learn how here.

AI and advanced analytics can improve public services. At the moment, public service has problems, like long queues and delays in service provision that could stand to be a bit more efficient. However, despite the inefficiencies, there is also a wealth of opportunity, thanks to data analytics. Most government and non-profit organisations have access to […]

How advanced analytics platforms helps the fast-food industry

advanced analytics platforms can help take your business to the next level

Advanced analytics platforms and machine learning are coming to a fast food outlet near you. Fast-food chains are looking to augment human-based operations using the latest technology. Digital interactions and transactions have opened the floodgates for customer and restaurant data to macro and granular data analysis with insights used across different applications to serve customers, […]