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How to get more out of your workforce with productivity analytics

learn how you can boost the productivity levels of your human capital here, with Selerity.

Productivity analytics is designed for companies to optimise the productivity of their most valuable asset: human capital. Human resources are one of the most valuable assets a company can own. Without motivated and engaged employees, even the biggest workforce cannot boost a company’s productivity and capabilities. This week’s blog post explores how analytics can bring […]

The Role of Predictive Analytics Software in Drug Development

Predictive analytics software plays a huge role in the pharmaceutical industry's success. Read more here.

The pharmaceutical industry brings us several benefits, including new drugs, so we can lead healthier and better lives, but the industry is not without it’s a fair share of problems. Duplicating workflow, multiple data sources and the risk associated with new drug discovery are just some of the problems the industry has to overcome in […]

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