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How big data and predictive analytics improves DevOps practices

Big data and predictive analytics are revolutionising DevOps, learn how here.

DevOps practices are becoming more and more prominent in software development and with good reason. This quiet revolution in software development has allowed them to develop software at a rate that meets consumer expectations. However, we have not discussed the impact of big data and predictive analytics on DevOps. In this blog post, I am […]

What sensor data analytics is and its use in organisations

Sensor data analytics is the future of businesses and organisations globally.

Sensor data analytics is going to play an integral role in an organisation’s success. Whether it is mining, green technology or software development, the future of all industries will be highly dependent on sensors – devices that can collect information to be stored in data lakes and fed into data analytics programs for further processing. […]

The challenges of analysing unstructured data

Analysing unstructured data can be quite a hassle, learn the best practices here.

Analysing unstructured data has the potential to transform business operations with optimised performance, better insights and higher profits. However, despite its immense potential, unstructured data comes with its share of challenges, which makes it very difficult for organisations to properly analyse data and get the most value out of their information. So, in this blog […]

Product analytics and its importance to the customer experience

Product analytics is one of the best tools a business can own, learn why here.

Product analytics is one of the best tools a business can own. Organisations that used the analytics dashboard saw a 60% increase in profits because they became more customer-centric. The better understanding of how customers work allows organisations, both profit and non-profit, to work smarter and more efficiently even in a competitive environment. In this […]

What is democratisation of data and analytics and how to implement it

Democratisation of data and analytics

What is the democratisation of data and analytics? In my previous blog post, I discussed the appeal of crowdsourcing analytics. However, crowdsourcing analytics is part of a larger trend, which is the democratisation of data and analytics. Arguably, the newest trend in the data economy, democratisation refers to the opening up of big data and […]

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