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Few tips to implement a real-time data analytics strategy

real-time data analytics

Real-time data analytics allow data teams to perform modelling, simulations and optimisations based on a complete set of transaction data. Real-time data analytics allows faster, more informed decisions, an improvement from conventional decision-making, usually done with stale data or in the absence of it. Real-time analytics requires a structured decision process with predefined logic, and […]

Passenger data analytics forging the way forward for the aviation industry

passenger data analytics

Airports have the task of bringing in more passengers into their terminals while meeting several challenges like terminal congestion, rising passenger costs and difficulty in funding infrastructure to accommodate crowds. These factors are a simple recipe for deficient facilities, poor service and unhappy passengers. Compounding the issue is the regressive effect of the pandemic. Aviation […]

Data analytics tools helping energy markets

data analytics tools

Energy powers industry, businesses and day-to-day lives. With the introduction of application sensors, wireless transmission, network communication and cloud computing, the energy sector is booming with a constant influx of valuable data. Data analytics tools provide efficient energy analytics to harness the nuances of the data produced by various energy sectors and employ it more […]

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