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Key data science modeling techniques used in data evaluation and analysis

data science modeling techniques

We always talk about how data analytics platforms can generate the necessary insights organisations need to optimise business operations. But, we seldom dive into the modeling techniques data analysts use to breakdown data and generate useful insights.There are several modeling techniques at an analyst’s disposal, but in the interest of time, we are only going […]

Why SAS business solutions are the top choice for data science and analytics

SAS business solutions

Technology is developing at a breakneck pace, and analytics is no exception. While SAS business solutions are still the leading analytics platform for most major organisations, other languages have started to make significant inroads into the market, as well. However, there is no denying that SAS is still the preferred choice for most organisations. In […]

Using advanced analytics and AI to improve public service

Struggling with accuracy issues on your data insights? Advanced analytics and AI is your answer for accuracy shortcomings - learn how here.

AI and advanced analytics can improve public services. At the moment, public service has problems, like long queues and delays in service provision that could stand to be a bit more efficient. However, despite the inefficiencies, there is also a wealth of opportunity, thanks to data analytics. Most government and non-profit organisations have access to […]

How to accelerate the rate of findings with data analytics software tools

data analytics software tools

Due to the pandemic, public and private organisations are relying on data analytics software tools to complete objectives. Several organisations are now turning to analytics tools to act as a lamp post during a very uncertain time. Given its importance, organisations need to ensure they are making the most of their analytics investment. Accelerating the […]

How healthcare analytics leads to more precise cancer treatment

healthcare analytics making progress in the treatment of cancer.

Healthcare analytics is paving the way for better treatment for cancer. In Australia, 150,000 people were diagnosed with cancer. In 2019, cancer was the leading cause of death amongst Australians. Fortunately, healthcare providers can combat cancer more effectively, thanks to data analytics. In this blog, we are going to explore some of the reasons why […]