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How to become more customer-centric with customer analytics

Almost 72% of millennial customers spend money on experiences and not entirely on the product. Learn how to capture them all through customer analytics.

Customer analytics is the key to transforming from product-centric marketing and customer-centric marketing. Customers are no longer making purchasing decisions based on a product, they are making them based on their purchasing experience. Research shows that 72% of millennial customers do not spend money on products, they spend money on experiences. Hence, it is important […]

How advanced analytics is changing the investment industry

Advanced analytics is changing the investment industry, with its ability to process billions of transactions in real-time.

Advanced analytics is changing the investment industry. We associate the multibillion-dollar industry with formal suits, complex rules and the 2008 recession. However, data analytics is changing the way the industry does its business because of its capacity to process billions of transactions in real-time. The sheer capability of big data opens new avenues for companies […]

Six Challenges to Leveraging Analytics

Leveraging analytics to the fullest takes time and businesses must accept the grace period to adopt the platform. Here are a few tips to get started!

To leverage analytics is difficult to accomplish. Even though we talk about the benefits of data analytics, we have not mentioned that all organisations have to go through a grace period where they must adopt a data analytics platform. We are not just talking about technical aspects to incorporate – organisations must also address managerial […]

The importance of data storytelling in presenting information

Data storytelling is what bridges the gap between data and human communication, with data storytelling all we would have is data with no real purpose.

We frequently talk about the benefits of data analytics and one of its key benefits: insights. However, we have neglected to mention one crucial factor needed for data insights, which is data storytelling. Storytelling in data is a fascinating concept and important for companies. Without it, it is impossible for companies to make sense of […]