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Data science modelling techniques for organisations

data science modelling techniques

Everyday, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated. With so much information at our disposal, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations and enterprises to access and analyse relevant data to predict outcomes and improve services. However, arbitrarily organising data into random structures and relationships is not enough. In order to access the data properly […]

How recommendation engines can refine your processes

Recommendation engines webinar

In today’s digital world, a recommendation engine is one of the most powerful tools at a company’s disposal. A recommendation engine is an information filtering system composed of machine learning algorithms that predict a given customer’s ratings or preferences for an item. The idea of recommendation engines is something you might be familiar with. Whether […]

The next level: AI and predictive analytics

AI and predictive analytics

The unprecedented potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics have permeated into every field and are rapidly transforming industry verticals. AI and predictive analytics can help improve efficiency and make way for faster decision-making. Traditionally, organisations detect problems as and when they appear, attempt to resolve them and then restore services back online. Now […]

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