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How data analytics in home renovation benefits the industry

data analytics in home renovation

Data analytics and AI is the ideal solution for the home renovation industry. The multi-billion dollar industry faces severe challenges that hamper home renovators. Along with the common pains of home renovation (like the design process), renovators are also facing higher costs, stiff regulation. The lack of transparency represents a huge challenge for many customers […]

Learn how banking analytics is changing corporate finance

Banking analytics

Banks record millions of transactions daily and these entries are real-time in nature. Capturing and recording such a huge chunk of data is a challenging job for bankers. Banking analytics birthed from sophisticated big data analytics software help banks by providing a platform where these transactions can be recorded systematically and analysed. Advanced analytics is […]

Modernising factories with manufacturing data analytics

manufacturing data analytics

Innovation in the manufacturing industry has allowed facilities to become more software-oriented than ever before. Data collected during standard operations can identify inefficiencies even when they are relatively minute, allowing for adjustments that will make processes as streamlined as possible. Over time, these manufacturing data analytics can increase production rates, limit waste, and even save […]

How data analytics software is changing the video game industry

data analytics software

Data analytics software provides a treasure trove of information for video game publishers and developers. The video game industry is massive, given that in 2017 alone the industry generated $108.9 billion in revenue. Furthermore, revenue is expected to grow to $128.5 billion by 2020. This staggering amount of revenue generated indicates that there are billions […]

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