Optimising data exploration and analysis with SAS data management solutions

SAS data management

Business data is a valuable resource for every contemporary company. 

This information holds insight into factors like patterns in customer behaviour, avenues for cost savings, and offers a chance to accelerate and optimise business progress. 

Today, 83% of organisations see data as an integral part of their business strategy. 69% of organisations, however, have noted that inaccurate data has reduced the quality of their work. 

Mitigating the risks posed by inaccurate data is the reason why companies need optimised data exploration and analysis that allows them to leverage reliable data for operational enhancement. 

When you operate with analytics software like SAS, you get more than just data analysis tools. It also helps you access and organise your data more strategically, which means this data can also be leveraged more effectively. 

Keep reading to find out how SAS data management solutions offer one of the best platforms for data exploration and analysis. 

Access data across multiple platforms

Storing data in one accessible and centralised location (the cloud or Hadoop) makes it easier to create more seamless operations. 

With SAS, you can access your data from wherever it is stored, without having to change the data location. This means that business analytics and data scientists will have access to more data across multiple sources, formats, and structures. 

This software allows you to integrate your work with other data flows, all while scheduling and monitoring the process using SAS technologies.

Owing to its integrated system, it also shortens the time taken to perform key processes. With database technologies, for example, you can analyse your data within the database itself. 

As a result of easy data access and monitoring, your authorised users can perform data exploration and analysis without relying on your IT team for data provisioning. With tools like the built-in business glossary, users will also have a more comprehensive understanding of the processes they handle—improving productivity and ensuring smooth operations across the board. 

Benefit from straightforward data governance 

When you have to move data from the location where it is stored to another for management purposes, it disconnects the sourced and managed data. This makes it difficult to govern your data, especially big data. 

When data movement is minimised, it’s easier to initiate data governance processes and policies. It will also let you maintain the quality, privacy, and security of your data without disruptions.

The integrated, end-to-end event designer in the SAS data management platform helps you build and edit data processes with ease. This will enhance your efficiency when it comes to the governance of metadata related to administrative and business operations. 

Easy data governance also lets you reuse data management techniques. Your company can deploy these flexible rules and maintain consistent standards for your data management.

Strategise data-driven plans with reliable insights

40% of business strategies fail due to inaccurate data. To lower this risk, it is essential to have accurate data and insights. 

SAS data management brings you a platform with built-in auditing tools to monitor and process data, ensure high-quality data, and maintain transparency. As a result, you can seamlessly extract reliable data that is ready for visualisation, analysis, and operational use. 

The integrated tools further optimise your analytics by cleansing your data, removing invalid data, and giving you reliable data for more accurate strategising. Features like SAS Visual Analytics let you explore data visually, find new patterns, and publish reports on both web and mobile devices. 

Rolling out a new business strategy needs careful planning that SAS solutions can support by making it easier to extract and explore data, and lower inaccuracies and inconsistencies so you can make swifter, data-driven decisions. 

SAS data management solutions enhance your operations  

Effective data exploration and analysis are vital for any business to gain a sustainable competitive edge. It also reduces security risks, increases productivity, improves responsiveness, lowers data loss and heightens cost-efficiency. 

By partnering with Selerity, you can access the right resources for an optimised experience with SAS Analytics tools. A SAS ecosystem that’s managed by Selerity will promote data quality and extract accurate, reliable insights so you can handle your data with ease on one platform. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn more about how you can enhance your data management through SAS data management solutions. 


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