How edge analytics software is improving data analysis from IoT

edge analytics software

When we think about agriculture, utilities, and transport—we think about IoT devices. The Internet of Things is no longer an optional benefit for a tech firm. It is an essential component of operations for almost any company in any industry. With over 27.1 billion devices to be deployed across a range of industries, like healthcare, it is important to understand how IoT devices work.

IoT devices contain petabytes of data, which could contain valuable information. Given the growing importance of IoT, adopting technology that allows organisations to analyse data from the source as soon as it is generated is important. This is where edge analytics software can be a huge boon.

How edge analytics software gives IoT that edge

IoT devices make several operations, like preventative maintenance, possible. There is one drawback to them, however, and that is time. The value promised from IoT devices only converts into tangible ROI when the right analytics software can convert the data into useful findings, in real-time. Take, for example, healthcare IoT devices.

One of the benefits of these devices is their ability to detect a person’s heart rate in real-time. This information can inform doctors when patients are undergoing a serious condition, like a heart attack. 

The catch is that these readings only work when there is an analytics system that can analyse and present the findings in real-time. In such cases, the conventional data analytic pipeline will not work. It won’t be possible to have data transferred along this data pipeline, stored in a data lake, and then analysed.

The value of IoT devices

This is where edge analytics software can make transformative changes to the production process. Rather than transporting data to a separate storage facility and then analysing it, edge analytics allow businesses to analyse data much closer to the source.

Instead of storing data in one location, edge analytics can analyse data closer to the point of origination. This means organisations don’t have to worry about setting up a central point of storage. Instead, they can focus on building out the comprehensive IoT network they need. This also has positive implications on data collection and analysis because most organisations can eliminate latency in data collection and processing.

How will edge analytics software work? Machine learning will play a crucial role in this function. Conventionally, the analytics model collects, stores, and prepares data for analysis. After that, an algorithm is chosen. The parameters of the algorithm and the data output, however, can vary depending on the IoT network. 

This is where machine learning becomes an integral component of edge analytics. Machine learning enables organisations to find the right combination of data output and algorithm because it learns as it feeds data.

The implications of edge software in IoT

This is quite transformative because it gives organisations the option to maximise efficiency in their data collection and analysis process. The development is especially crucial when you consider that most IoT networks are deployed across the cloud. Companies in different industries, like utilities and transport, will be relying on a cloud-based IoT network for most of their operations.

Most importantly, edge analytics allows for the evolution of IoT networks. By removing some of the existing constraints, we can see IoT devices pave the way for some transformative operations. For example, IoT building technology will be able to measure a variety of factors that go beyond worker productivity.

IoT devices can measure energy efficiency, worker health and safety, along with a host of other factors that can help executives determine the overall scope and scale of their employees’ well-being, both mentally and physically. While organisations are looking into their well-being by investing in various programmes, IoT devices can measure employee well-being in ways that weren’t previously possible and get a better understanding of how effective these programmes are.

Edge analytics promises to transform the IoT network

As the world’s industries become more and more dependent on IoT devices, adopting the right data analytics software can give organisations the edge they need to maximise ROI on IoT devices. Edge analytics can provide the competitive advantage that organisations need.

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