What you need to know about the SAS 9.4M7 upgrade!

SAS M7 upgrade, what you need to know.

Does your organisation want to boost SAS functions and security with the M7 upgrade that dropped on the 18th of August 2020?

Look no further! Here at Selerity, we plan on conducting a webinar on November 4th to take you through this update and answer any questions on the update. This blog will give you a preview of what to expect from the new M7 update and how your organisation can get ready for the new update.

The M7 upgrade aims to address the issues found in older versions of SAS 9.4 products while improving them with new upgrades. There are new tools, documentation, deployment process enhancements, Web App Server improvements to better processes and over 100 hot bug fixes. Most significantly, this new update is the first SAS release without Adobe Flash dependencies.

Let us look further into the key benefits and changes this M7 upgrade will bring into the SAS fold.

Security enhancements

Security enhancements were made a priority for this update and vulnerabilities found in SAS 9.4 have been addressed to better secure your data, reducing the chances of cyberattacks or data theft.

M7 delivers updates to address vulnerabilities in SAS software and any third-party sources. To create and maintain these fortified secure environments, SAS implemented several measures like support for Windows Defender Credential Guard, along with crucial version updates to the SAS Web Server, SAS Web App Server, Postgres, Java 8, SAS Private JRE and several third-party Java components.

Fixes and enhancements

On the product enhancement front, hotfixes and bug fixes were applied to seventy offerings, covering a wide range of areas that include Analytics, Data Management and SAS/ACCESS offerings, Visualisation, Decision Management, and Risk.

The reporting structures have been enhanced as well with periodic updates to address third-party security vulnerabilities within the SAS product suite. This includes updates for common vulnerabilities and exposures reported against external components.

Beyond enhancing functions, M7 also expands browser and OS compatibility. SAS software is no longer restricted by compatibility issues granting greater accessibility for your organisation. Operating systems and browsers like SELinux and Microsoft Edge are now supported to improve accessibility.

Removal of Adobe Flash

SAS 9.4M7 completes a multi-year effort to remove Adobe Flash dependencies from over seventy SAS products and solutions. Any products dependent on Flash were replaced with SAS Viya and CI360 or updated with HTML 5 UI. A few SAS products are no longer available, and their functionality has been replaced with alternative solutions to improve accessibility.

Are you ready to upgrade?

Looking to implement the SAS M7 upgrade? With SAS upgrading their servers, make sure your organisation benefits from the security enhancements and expanded functions that come with the M7 upgrade.

We here at Selerity can help you install the upgrade to make it a smooth, seamless transition. As gold-rated partners and certified resellers, our team has a thorough understanding of SAS platforms and can recommend optimal, proactive strategies to ensure the upgrade is as swift and hassle-free as possible.

To properly grasp the implication of these upgrades, we have scheduled a webinar to clarify all doubts on this update and give you the ultimate breakdown to help you make the most out of this update.

Check out the page here for more information!

Harness the power of the new SAS 9.4M7 upgrade with our Selerity analytics desktop. Experience the new features of this upgrade today. Give our support team a call for more information.


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