Why pick SAS for your analytics services

You are looking for analytics services, SAS should be your first choice. With multi-dimensional functionality and success rates.

If you are looking for analytics services, then SAS should be your first choice. While there are plenty of analytics models in the market, corporations should consider SAS for their first choice. SAS analytics has features not found in other analytics models, features that will be a huge benefit to all types of organisations. I am going to detail these features to reveal why SAS brings tremendous benefits not found anywhere else.

Why SAS is the best choice for analytics services.

Handles big data

One of the biggest benefits of SAS for analytics services is its ability to handle big data. Organiscollect petabytes of data and need models that can properly assess data on that scale. To make sure you are getting the most out of your data, you need to have the right data analytics models.

Products for each situation

SAS has a rich suite of analytics products for you to choose from. Whether its fraud detection, content analysis or performance assessment, SAS has a product to match your needs. Each product is continuously improved on with new software updates to expand its feature set and deliver better services.


We are living in an age where information is tied integrally to corporate success. Therefore, it is important to protect data when it’s being cleaned, processed and analysed. SAS is the best analytics model for meshing analytics services and security. SAS models are built on a closed programming language, hence why it’s easy to secure the data. By contrast, other analytics models are built on the open-source language, which makes it difficult to secure the data in the same way. The data models are secure in part due to the way SAS algorithms are built. Before any SAS model is released, the algorithms are tested in carefully controlled environments.

Easy to learn and debug

From a data scientist’s perspective, SAS is easy to learn and debug. Since SAS is easy to learn, it is incredibly easy to debug. Errors are revealed on a windows log, and the only thing you need to do is fix the errors.

Customer support

SAS has an excellent support system to assist corporations in the installing and administration of SAS analytics services. SAS works with specialist companies around the world to provide installation and administration for SAS platforms. All companies must be trained and meet the high standards set by SAS before attaining the qualification. For example, as a partner ourselves, we hold SAS Silver partner and SAS reseller status – an indicator of our experience in distributing SAS services in Australia and around the world.

A rich suite of products

SAS has a rich suite of analytics products for you to choose from. Whether we are talking about fraud detection, content analysis or performance assessment, SAS has a product that works for any occasion.

GUI and output

SAS analytics offers an excellent graphical user interface (GUI) making it easy to use the system. Hence, even people without a data analytics background can navigate through the system. Furthermore, the output is presented in a format that’s easy to read. Hence, even people who don’t have a background in crunching data can read and interpret data easily making SAS more accessible to business executives who need to interpret data and make decisions quickly.

Success stories

SAS was established in 1976 and has spent the last fifty years serving some of the world’s biggest organisations and government institutions. SAS has helped companies achieve their goals while saving on resources and time. For example, Bupa saved over 159 million dollars using a combination of SAS analytics and the expertise of our Selerity’s consultants. SAS has a reputation for excellence and consistency, a reputation that is well earned over the years.

Key takeaways

Organisations have unique requirements when it comes to data analytics services. The sheer volume of data they collect combined with the demand for excellence means that only one platform can truly handle the responsibility: SAS. With over fifty years of experience, SAS has perfected their data analytics models to create a secure environment capable of processing large volumes of data, while remaining accessible and easy to read. SAS has incredibly high standards and these high standards are passed onto their partners. The end result is incredibly detailed insights that generate savings for corporations.

To learn more about SAS installation, administration and hosting, visit Selerity.


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