SAS software and 4 reasons organisations choose them

When it comes to data analytics, SAS software is the first choice for firms and has an incredibly large user base - exceeding many companies.

When it comes to data analytics, SAS software is the first choice for many firms. SAS has an incredibly large user base – exceeding more than 4000 companies using SAS. Whether its IT, healthcare or banking, companies from every industry have invested in SAS analytics, despite the availability of alternative platforms. What is it about SAS that makes it the go-to premier analytics model for companies? There are many reasons why SAS is the first choice for businesses, here are four of them!

It is the complete package

SAS software is far more than just a programming language – it is a complete end-to-end analytics platform that leverages the expertise and collaboration of experienced partners around the world who provide a variety of services, including installation, administration, hosting, and support. As a result of this, organisations and businesses don’t just have a piece of standalone software, they have a network of experts ready to help them make the most of their data – no matter where they are in the world. Thus, everything a company needs for a data analytics model comes from a single framework and one vendor. In contrast, many other data analytics solutions are solely programming languages, where companies have to develop an analytics model that works for them.

Therefore, incorporating analytics becomes more challenging. With more companies looking to onboard data analytics platforms, many will have an easier time with SAS because they offer everything their clients need for a seamless transition.

SAS analytics is used by several large corporations in healthcare, banking, IT and more. SAS can handle large data volumes compared to its competitors, making it the preferred choice amongst corporations. Large corporations collect petabytes of data on a daily basis and, therefore, need a data analytics platform that can collect, clean and analyse the data. SAS can handle these large data volumes due to their databases and extensive system of servers.

Thus, the combination of extensive data capacity combined with complete functionality makes SAS the complete package most companies are looking for in a data analytics platform.

Easy to use

SAS is designed specifically for non-technical users. SAS software comes with a GUI, which makes it easy for technical and non-technical personnel to use the platform. Hence, anyone regardless of position and industry can read and interpret the data on a SAS dashboard. This is a feature that is particularly useful for companies outside of a technical industry – for example, sports.

SAS is not just a programming tool – it is an umbrella of complete analytics tools. In other words, companies do not have to develop an analytics model for their business. Instead, they can choose from one of several analytic tools, to match their needs and objectives. SAS provides functionality and customer support with each analytical tool. Thus, companies have an easier time working with SAS because it is geared towards non-technical users.

Industry experience

SAS has been providing data analytics services since the 1970s. In fact, Forbes dubbed SAS CEO, James Goodnight, the “Godfather of Data Analytics” because of his role as a pioneer in data analytics. With this reputation, SAS has been providing data analytics services for over forty years and many of its customers have continued to have an easier time working with SAS compared to other big data analytics firms. Another major boon is that SAS engineers and SAS partners located around the world are better able to adapt to the unique needs of their customers.

Industry experience will prove invaluable when it comes to customer support. If companies have any issues with their analytics platforms, they will have an easier time resolving their issues with SAS because of the knowledge, and experience the company has.

Better data security and tested algorithms

SAS analytics solutions offer a superior experience due to data security and tested algorithms. There are not many data analytics software suites that offer the level of security and stability large companies need. After all, most modern corporations collect massive quantities of data.

This information needs to be well-protected because a data breach makes for bad publicity and loss in consumer confidence – not to mention hefty penalties. SAS solutions come with several security measures to keep client data safe. These security measures include restricting access to a privileged few and guarding connection information.

Algorithms used in SAS analytics solutions are carefully tested prior to being deployed in the final product. Each algorithm is tested in carefully controlled environments, before being released. Since SAS is a closed language, extra care is taken to make sure algorithms are working as they should be. Thus, SAS software creates stable algorithms that churn out useful insights on petabytes of information.

The combination of superior data security and thoroughly tested algorithms makes SAS the preferred choice for data analytics services.

Key takeaways

When it comes to data analytics, SAS software is the first choice for most companies because the analytics provider offers high-quality services that other analytics firms cannot match. Companies can incorporate SAS analytics easily into their processes because of functionalities, support, and extensive interoperability. Furthermore, SAS is easy for people with a non-technical background because of its visual presentation of information and data.

Finally, SAS comes with comprehensive data security and thoroughly tested algorithms that make it far more reliable than other data analytics software.

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