Leveraging social media analytics with SAS software

Social media analytics software leverages posts and text analytics capabilities to identify patterns, trends and more.

The wealth of data being amassed on social networks has given rise to a new breed of monitoring and analysis tools designed to help companies listen in on and parse the cacophony of online conversations to unearth actionable information relevant to their businesses. Social media analytics software leverages posts and other text analytics capabilities in an effort to reveal patterns, identify trends and detect potential business problems from what people are saying in these online forums.

If you think all the activity on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is meaningless chatter, you might want to think again. Buried within the millions of tweets and comments and the billions of seemingly innocuous likes and dislikes are valuable insights that when mined effectively can help steer effective corporate decision making on product development, customer service, and other key business issues.

What are your top performing tweets? What time of day do your Instagram posts get the most engagement? Is your Facebook marketing strategy translating to traffic and leads? If you’re not using social media analytics tools, you’ll probably have a hard time answering these questions.

From multinational giants like Honda to powerhouses like HSBC, these impressive ventures all have something in common. They all utilise SAS software to supercharge their business by arming themselves with data insights provided by the platform, which includes expert social media analytics. It is reported that 94% of the Fortune Global 100 use SAS software.

Read on to be regaled by the key benefits of adopting an expert social media analytics software into the fold of your business.

Utilising social media analytics to analyze conversation data

The way in which you communicate and advertise your business or product may not always align with what customers find most important. By observing and analysing how your target audience is speaking about your product or service, you can determine which factors are most important within your own strategies, and make adjustments to your marketing plan accordingly.

You can also engage your customers on social media, creating a dialogue about your product, in order to find out how best to cater to their needs. By understanding how your audience views your product, you can create customer-centric campaigns that will bolster a brand philosophy into one that your audience will support. Handling your social media analytics via a platform like SAS media analytics will allow you to monitor online and social conversation data to identify important topics and content categories – in addition to how they are relevant to customers in the context of their online community.

Identifying threats to your company’s reputation and brand

Quality has many definitions, but when it is time to make a purchase decision, your customers’ perceptions trump all of them. At a time when product recalls, government intervention, and lawsuits are front-page news, customers are now questioning brands that seemed to have been above reproach.

The ability to monitor, measure and manage those perceptions has a significant impact on your ability to detect field issues, differentiate your products and increase profitability. By utilising SAS-driven social media analytics to expertly analyse media, you are able to have an early warning system to identify what could be benefitting or hurting your reputation or brand name.

Quantifying interaction among traditional media /campaigns and social media activity.

By expertly analysing online and social media sources through your social media analytics software, you are now able to better understand how to reach consumers through improved behavioural targeting, media buying, and planning. This marketing method uses web user information to strengthen advertising campaigns and involves gathering data from a variety of sources about a potential customer’s online browsing and shopping behaviours.

This information then helps businesses create content that is relevant to your target user’s habits and interests, which can be used across your social media platforms without conveying messages the viewer may find unappealing or irrelevant.

Establishing a platform for social CRM strategy

Social media is a treasure of customer insights. It is a place where your customers can talk about your company, products, and services – not to mention, enabling them to share their opinions and reviews. Businesses also want to learn what their customers have to say about their brand, what their current tastes and preferences are, and if they have any issues or concerns.

By merging market data and customer data, market research analysts in your business can validate approaches and then act upon a consumer need or sentiment shared across a customer base or market.

Key takeaways

SAS Social Media Analytics lets you listen to and monitor details of conversations
about your products and services that are taking place on social media and online channels – ranging from social media to customer transcripts residing on internal CRM systems.

By continuously accumulating and archiving these conversations, you are given the ability to understand trends and predict future conversation volumes to determine how they will affect your business results. Together with their global partners like Selerity, SAS software has been dedicated to delivering unprecedented insights in a way we’ve never seen before. For more information on how you can revolutionize your business by utilising expert social media analytics software, please feel free to peruse our services.


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