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From aviation to insurance, education, and healthcare, SAS services have delivered game-changing insights to many - learn how it works here.

Over the years technology and analytics giant, SAS, has supported and catered to the various needs of organisations across multiple industries. From aviation to insurance to education, and healthcare, SAS services have delivered game-changing insights to many. Data and analytics for any organisation across any segment, irrespective of size, have proven to be a vital tool.

This is especially true as organisations and their leaders continue to navigate the testy waters of the modern digital business landscape. The healthcare sector, in particular, is one segment that comprises many organisations continuously engaging with analytics and data, on a global scale. In most cases, the benefits of this endeavour are very clear.

That begs the question – what exactly is the value of leveraging analytics and SAS software services – especially in the healthcare sector? What changes have taken place? How have organisations benefited from this? In the following sections, we outline a few ways data and analytics, leveraged through avenues like SAS services, have benefit organisations in the healthcare sector.


Use predictive analytics and SAS services to efficiently tailor patient treatment

As the number of patients a typical hospital sees increases every year, efficiency and effectiveness of treatment delivery become paramount. Analytics has played a huge role on this front – providing healthcare organisations with insights and visibility into their services that were previously unavailable.

By using the predictive analytics capabilities built into software and leveraging SAS services, like our SAS admin services, healthcare organisations can easily identify optimal treatment methods. By doing so, each individuals patient stands to benefit from having a truly tailored and analytics-based treatment strategy.

In addition to providing patients with the most optimal and personalised treatment options, hospitals and other healthcare organisations can use these boundless insights to plan staffing and resource allocation across all their sites. Only one analytics platform is capable of providing these insights and by combining this software with the very best SAS services, healthcare organisations stand to benefit in unprecedented ways.


Lower costs while providing greater value to patients

Cost management and per-patient costs are becoming increasingly important as costs skyrocket each year. Maintaining insights over expenditure is, therefore, a priority for any healthcare organisation – at least it should be! With SAS software, organisations in the healthcare sector are now leveraging highly informative insights that have allowed them to significantly improve cost management.

Transparency and awareness of what the actual costs of delivering healthcare are a byproduct of SAS services and software. This is why many organisations that use the analytics platform often point to having a competitive advantage over other organisations. With the ability to track and monitor every single activity that takes place in a hospital, for example, managers and administrators can identify where costs are highest and how they can be mitigated.

Built-in modelling and diverse analyses allow healthcare establishments to conveniently assess cost-effectiveness and profitability through a centralised system. The result? A far more efficient and effective care delivery establishment that is set up to provide patients with the best care available.

Whether you run a healthcare establishment based on a revenue-generation model or you’re looking for cost-alleviating opportunities, SAS services combined with SAS software will prove to be game-changing.


Visualise and get insights faster with high-performance analytics

Visualisation is one of the often touted benefits of analytics. The very first thing that comes to mind for many when the word “analytics” is mentioned is the idea of colourful graphical representations. It’s important to look beyond this though – preferably when you’re talking about SAS software.

With this powerful analytics platform in place and with the assistance of expert SAS services, organisations can leverage sleek dashboards that provide a consistent view of all organisational data. The user-friendly and highly functional interface allows users to make sense of the massive volumes of data coming through in a matter of minutes. By combining your insightful SAS software with the insights from the right SAS services, your organisation would benefit from intelligent analytics. Remember, having the right software in place is only the first step – you also need the right SAS services to help you setup your environment, administer it and leverage the right hosting solution (9.4 or Viya).  


If you’d like to know more about our SAS installation, administration, and hosting services, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, as an official SAS Resell Partner, we can help set you up with the right SAS software for your establishment. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to this feed for the latest SAS and analytics-related news!


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