Four examples of who benefits the most from SAS Viya

The biggest benefit of SAS Viya is the value it generates as a multi-functional platform. Here's what you can gain from SAS Viya.

One of the biggest benefits of SAS Viya is its value as a platform that can be used by a plethora of business users – irrespective of how technically savvy they are. Unlike traditional analytics software, SAS has built a reputation, over time, as a platform that contributes to the day-to-day processes and decision-making of all segments across enterprise. Combining a stunning interface, easy-to-learn functionality, and tailored customer services, SAS Viya, the entity’s latest game-changer, has elevated this quality to even greater heights.

It is safe to say that the days when the utilisation of complex analytics software was dominated solely by technical experts are now behind us. Organisations and enterprises no longer have to deal with a lack of interorganisational synchronisation between their various sections (development, analytics, marketing, for example). Today, business users from app developers, to analysts, and C-level executives, all benefit from the leading systems put forward by SAS.

In the sections below, we identify 4 specific organisational business users that have benefited the most from SAS Viya. First up, data scientists.


SAS Vita for data scientists

Perhaps the most traditional users of analytics and analytics-based software, data scientists focus on interpreting data and deducing actionable insights that help inform entire businesses, or segments of those businesses, on the latest trends or problems to follow. However, to get from the point of data collection to interpretation, a significant amount of work needs to be done.

This includes, validating the data to ensure accuracy and uniformity, developing models and algorithms to meaningfully utilise the data, and visualising/communicating the data once interpretation and analysis is complete. The breadth of these tasks demands a software or system that can do all this and more, which is where SAS comes in.

With SAS Viya, data scientists can build models significantly faster, with access to data quality, advanced analytics, and popular machine-learning methods. Through SAS, businesses can incorporate multiple coding languages, based on their preference, and compare models written on either SAS or Python, for example.


Business analysts

Yet another valuable role within modern businesses is that of a business analyst. These individuals play an important part in helping an organisation adapt to the constantly shifting factors of the business world. The primary task of a business analyst is to identify the requirements of an organisation’s specific project, product, or plan, support in implementing technology and initiatives to support them, monitoring the status of an initiative throughout its lifespan, and communicating these factors to the relevant stakeholders of the initiatives. To do this successfully, business analysts depend on significant amounts of data that helps them develop key insights, which are later translated into reports that are then shared with these stakeholders.

SAS Viya contributes in this regard, given that it provides analysts with clear access to easy-to-use analytics via an interactive and visual interface. Business analysts can easily prepare their own data, organise it accordingly by combining both text and structured data, and finally generate stunning reports that can be shared within the organisation.


Domain experts

Most businesses have a wide array of departments within them that perform key operations every single day – these departments include marketing, accounting and finance, sales, for example. Given that businesses are increasingly moving into highly data-driven environments, each of their respective departments are likely experiencing transformations. This means that departments like marketing and sales have become data-dependent in their respective domain. Typically, most marketing and sales personnel would not have the technical expertise to manage the complexities of a sophisticated analytics software, in addition to their many tasks. However, technologies like SAS software are a reason why this trend has shifted in recent years.

Irrespective of what domain a business user belongs to, SAS Viya lets them infuse data-driven insights into their investigations and analyses. The result of this is that users with basic technical expertise can utilise the comprehensive SAS platform to uncover reliable results, on a daily basis, via powerful analytics – easily accessible, without the traditional complexities associated with analytics platforms.


C-level business leaders, managers, and executives

Running a business, big or small, is no small feat and comes with an infinite list of tasks and responsibilities that can make or break a business. Whether you are a CIO overseeing your organisation’s technology goals, or a marketing manager overseeing the overall marketing and advocacy targets of your business, data should be at the core of your decision-making. Leaders from the most successful businesses across the world point to data-driven decision-making as one of their fundamental keys to success. However, with all those responsibilities, its almost impossible for executives to stay on top of the latest data-trends for their business – even with the help of teams of analysts.


By deploying the right SAS environment, via a provider like Selerity, executives are able to stay locked in on the pulse of their business via the insights that SAS Viya’s dashboards and command centre metrics illustrate. This gives them the visibility they need in a matter of minutes.

If you would like more information on SAS Viya and SAS services in general, please reach out to us here. In the meantime, stay tuned to this feed for more from the world of SAS.


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